AMSA Elections

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AMSA elections are this coming Monday, March 18th! I’ve shared a Google Doc with all of you containing who is running for what position. As you can see, we only have one person who has nominated themselves thus far. So please let me know if you want to run for a position. I’ll keep updating the Google Doc as soon as I receive a nomination, so keep checking that. Also, if you’re running, you need to prepare one slide containing your name, year in school, and any other information you’d like AMSA to know about you while you give your speech. Below are the descriptions of the positions available:

President: is responsible for coordinating the overall operations of the group, working with fellow Executive Board members and other leaders and advisors to define and implement strategy, leading communication with the University, serves as the primary liaison between executive members and general members, and clarifies the actions and decisions of the organization. The President will also work closely with the Vice President to organize recruitment efforts as well as the leadership of the Junior Committee.

Vice President: is responsible for organizing and fundraising for Regional and National AMSA Conferences, and works with the President in coordinating with all committees to ensure that day-to-day organizations run smoothly. The Vice President will also work closely with the President to organize recruitment efforts as well as the leadership of the Junior Committee.

Treasurer: is responsible for keeping track of bank accounts and all receipts, and makes sure proper financial records are available upon request. The Treasurer also works closely with committee chairs in developing an annual budget, and encourages applying for Funds Allotment Council (FAC) funding for Truman State University AMSA programming.

Secretary: is responsible for keeping the members of the Executive Board and the organization informed about the operations of the organization and decisions of the Board. The Secretary shall record minutes at meetings, organize key organizational documents, keep track of membership, and keep track of Executive Board and General Meeting attendance. The Secretary shall also maintain the organization’s Google account.

Global Health Action Coordinator: The Global Health Action Coordinator (GHAC) is focused on advocacy and action for global health issues. The coordinator will provide members with opportunities to help alleviate health disparities and raise awareness in the Truman community through events which raise money and/or educate individuals concerning topics within the realm of global health.

The Community and Environmental Health Action Coordinator: The goals of the CEHAC are to provide members with opportunities in service and public health on campus and within the Kirksville community. Previous responsibilities have included educating Truman and AMSA members on AIDS and educating communities about health issues such as diabetes, or Parkinson’s. These health projects are used to connect with the local community and promote public health awareness. The chair may also involve AMSA members in volunteer activities with other organizations.

Legislative Action Coordinator: The Legislative Action Coordinator (LAC) educates members on potential political solutions to challenges in modern medicine. These issues include universal health care, international health aid, and the relationship between pharmaceutical corporations and physicians. Additionally, the LAC empowers members to act on their beliefs through public awareness campaigns and planned events such as lobbying. Lastly, the LAC equips members with a basic understanding of the public and private entities responsible for providing healthcare in the United States.

Pre-Med Education Coordinator: The Pre-Medical Education committee informs the AMSA body about medical school options and gives presentations to pass on valuable information such as the difference between the MD and DO degree, changes in the MCAT, or anything else that might be pertinent to a pre-medical student. The Pre-Medical Education committee also prepares a survey for graduating seniors to gather data about where Truman students are accepted and an average GPA and MCAT score to aim for to be accepted.

Public Relations and Social Coordinator: Public Relations/Social Coordinator is responsible for running the AMSA website and Facebook group, organizing the Student Activities Fair, and designing the Magruder bulletin board. The Public Relations/Social Coordinator will also promote events that support membership engagement and do any other designated jobs to help promote the organization as a whole.

Secondly, all candidates for President will give a 3 minute speech followed by 2 minutes of questions. All other candidates will give a 2 minute speech followed by 1 minute of questions. If only one person is running for a position, then they will be elected via a heads-down, hands-up system. If more than one person is running, then candidates will be elected using a ballot system.

Attendance of the elections is mandatory for all members wishing to be placed on the “Good Standing” list.

The link to the Google doc is

Send an email to or if you have any questions or wish to nominate yourself.

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