January 28th, 2013 Highlights

Lot’s of information was covered in this past meeting, so if you either weren’t able to make it or you just didn’t catch some of the details, here you go!

Here is a recap on changes taking effect this Spring 2013 semester:

1) We are getting rid of committee requirements.  Executive positions will still remain, however their roles will change to being action committee “coordinators”.  As coordinators, they are responsible for providing information and opportunities to the entire AMSA body.  This way, if you are passionate about a specific committee, you can choose to help out the coordinator of your choice without being restricted to a single committee for the entire year.

2) The main requirement for membership is to show up to meetings and pay dues.  In order to provide members an additional incentive to participate further in AMSA, we will be establishing a “Good Standing” list, with the faculty member responsible for writing cover letter on the letter packets.  When the faculty member (in this case, Dr. Cooper) goes to write the cover letter for an individual on the “Good Standing” list, she will make special note of your dedication in the cover letter.  However, if you are not on the “Good Standing” list, nothing will be noted.  To be placed on the “Good Standing” list, a member must pay dues, attend 2/3rds of all AMSA meetings (one of which must be elections), and attend 4 AMSA sponsored events (one of which must include a Paging All Docs event; the dinner counts as 2 events).  This list serves as a reward for those members who actively participate within this organization, however there will be no punishment for not doing so.

Here is a brief outline of what action committees will be having to offer this semester and also *slideshows that each coordinator presented.  If you have any other ideas or would like to participate, feel  free to contact the coordinator for the committee to see how you can get involved:

Global Health – Fundraising for Fistula & other Global Health events (contact Jabari Allen at jaa3224@truman.edu).  *GHAC Events Spring 2013 Presentation

Legislative – Capitol/Lobbying Day set for April 17th in Jeff City w/ Dr. Puckett (contact Priya Maillacheruvu  at pfm7661@truman.edu). *Legislative Presentation

Community & Environmental Health – Science Olympiad/Quiz Bowl, Diabetes Day at Ray Miller, & volunteering at NERMC hospital and hospice care (contact Krystal Clayton at klc3782@truman.edu).

Pre-Medical Education – MCAT changes & Medical School Highlights (contact Samantha Fee at saf7217@truman.edu). *Changes to the MCAT Presentation

Also! We do have a few upcoming events that you may like to participate in:

A.T. Still University -KCOM will be offering tours this week for Truman Pre-Med students.  The tours will be Wednesday, February 6th & Thursday, February 7th from 3:30pm-4:30pm.  If you are interested in attending, contact Zach Small at zls176@truman.edu and meet at the West Entrance of Magruder Hall (between MG and the SUB) at 3:10pm.

We will also be having a medical school visit from March 2nd – 4th at Creighton University in Omaha, NE and at UMKC in Kansas City, MO.  For more information, contact Jonathan Ryder at jhr1178@truman.edu to recieve more information as the event approaches.

That’s all we have for you AMSA!  Next meeting will be February 11th back in MG 2001.  Hope to see you all there!

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