October 29th, 2012 Highlights

The Global Health Committee is hosting the film “A Walk to Beautiful”, which follows women living with Obstetric Fistula. This event will take place Friday November 9th, 2012 @ 8-10pm in the Ryle Hall Main Lounge. If you would like to donate popcorn, nachos, hot chocolate, or baked goods for this event, please contact Jabari Allen at jaa3224@truman.edu. Also check your email for a googledoc to sign up for what you will be donating.

The Army Recruiter for our region, SSG Clint Clevenger discussed the Health Professions Scholarship Program, an opportunity that pays for medical school. This presentation included the relative costs of medical school, financial incentives of the scholarship, and elligibility requirements. Below is a summary of the presentation.

ARMY Health Professions Scholarship Program Presentation

Also, we had the opportunity to bring in Rebecca McClanahan, the Democratic candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives in District 3 and a Truman State nursing graduate. Candidate McClanahan prepared a 10-15 minute presentation concerning her party views in relation to the Affordable Care Act.

If you would like to recieve a more in-depth summary of Rebecca McClanahan’s presentation, contact Adam Grosskreutz at ag6383@truman.edu in order to recieve an outline of her presentation. Thanks!

* The Truman State University chapter of the American Medical Student Association does not endorse any candidate or support any political party. We are simply trying taking advantage of opportunities presented to us in order to give to you as much information as we can.


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